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    Exclamation Injection of HGH.. All Mods

    Hey guys it's me again. I was wondering when I am injecting my HGH, should I pull back on the plunger to check for blood? I have not read whether or not it can cause death. Do i use the same precautions as I would injecting Sustanon and that? So far, I have injected three times and I'm still alive so i guess I'm doing pretty well. But, Please let me know. Thanks.


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    Aren't you injecting inm the abdomen? Don't pull to hard or you might suck up your intestines.

    Actually, I have NO idea.

    So I'll give it a BUMP.

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    if you are

    shooting IM then follow the same procedure as any other AS.if you are doing subcutaneous in your adomen you're not going deep w/'s a mere fraction of cms into your skin.just lookout for surface veins in your abdomen.personal experience has told me stay to the side w/ your shot to avoid absorption into your intestines, depending on BF%(if you are very lean).got that advice from my primary care physician, so take it for what it's worth.

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    Bro don't shoot GH IM. Get some 29 1/2 slin pins and put it in your ab fat or sub q. The easiest is just to pinch the skin of your abs and inject it there by your fingers in the ab skin.

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    Arrow Sub-Q


    Better safe than sorry.. can't hurt to slightly pull back on the plunger if you think there is a possiblity you hit a surface vein.....

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    inject it where u have the most fat. ull see ull start losing fat at that specfic location. I did shot in in my pecs and i lost alot i fat in the pec area. alot of guys shot in there abs to sculpt them.

    good luck big dog

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    Inject it in the stomach area by pinching fat and there is no need to pull back!

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    Ulter is right, and who let that fucker in here....heh heh heh

    Sub-cu with GH Bro....


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