Hey guys, i got this off www.steroid-encyclopaedia.com and couldn't stop laughing, I thought I would share it cause im a little drunk.

How to tell if you're addicted to steroids .

1. You carry around Dianabol in a tic tac container.
2. The pitcher of 'kool aid' in the fridge is actually sugar, food colouring and reforvit.
3. You go for a blood test and sustanon comes out.
4. You baste the thanksgiving turkey with a 23guage, 1.5", 3cc syringe.
5. You collect empty vials like most people do with empty liqour bottles.
6. The mexican custom officers know you by name.
7. Your mailman has put on 60lbs of muscle in the past year.
8. You're the viagra poster boy, even though you've never used viagra.
9. You married a veterinarian, even though she's 63years old.
10. You get a second mortgage on the house for your next cycle.
11. Your neutered dog is laughing at the size of YOUR balls.
12. You get turned on listening to all the talk about Bush in the US presidential election.
13. You use a syringe as a toothpick.
14. You mix reforvit in with the plant food.
15. You're an active member of over 20 steroid message boards.
16. You doc goes to give you a flu shot and you drop your pants.
17. You make a wind chime out of empty vials.
18. Your nuts are the size of chic peas.
19. You make lines of winny powder on the table and snort it.
20. Ronnie Coleman thinks your cycles are crazy (no offence Ronnie...)
21. Liver transplant at the age of 24.
22. You have a custom made "amp rack"
23. You can't help contracting your biceps to the rythm of the music in the car just to check out how good they look - even if you're the only one in the car!
24. You can't help looking at your pets and wondering how much they'd improve if only you could give em a couple of shots... but then again forget it - can't waste any! let em get their own!!
25. Your pee is anabolic
26. Ever since you started juicing, Schering's stock has doubled
27. You custom make primo amp earings for your girlfriend.
28. You feel small at 5'7" / 260lbs
29. You have 14 separate P.O. boxes
30. You've had a hard-on for 2 and a half years
31. You put reforvit in the ice cube tray instead of water
32. You put your suppliers kids thru college with the money you've spend in the last year
33. You quit your high paying job to become a customs officer
34. You special order 15ml syringes.