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Thread: between cycles

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    Question between cycles

    I am now done my cycle of test enanthanate. I have clomid. I also have test cypionate . I have heard that you must take a 2-3 month break between cycles. And i have also heard that this is purely bullshit. My question is, if this is just a myth, can I just go right from the test enanthanate to the test cypionate, without clomid therapy and any rest in-between cycles? And just use the clomid when im totally off the juice? Or do I need clomid after each cycle completed? I know people that go year round on juice, without any breaks or supplementation between cycles, is this right?

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    those who stay on year round usually do it only to compete, i wouldnt recommend you go on year round.

    with test enanthate , you should start clomid therapy 4 weeks after your last injection.

    as for time of, the rule is, the amount of time you stayed on should be the amount of time you stay off.

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