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    Need A Little Help With Anavar Research

    Alright, I was wonderin gif someoen could help me out with some questions about Anavar that I have. I am doing some research for my buddy.
    He has a bottle of Anavar from Argentina and it is labbed - Peritoxanero on the bottle, I believe that is in Spanish.

    And on the back where it labels each material in the capsule is:

    Oxandrolona 2.5 mg (I believe this is Spanish for Oxandolone)

    Periactina 1 mg (I believe this is also Spanish)

    and Dl - Carnitina Clorhidarato 5 mg ( I have no idea in hell what this is)
    and the brand of the Anavar is called Holliday.

    So I was wondering if someone could lead me in the right direction as far as maybe knowing of a website that has a right up about those 3 ingredints in the Anavar. Or if anyone has heard of this stuff before.

    I would appreciate all help!


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    its holliday var and both the periactin and the dl-carnitina clorhidrato are used for appetite stimulation

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