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    I did my first cycle when I was 18 for athletic performance had awesone gains, now I am twentyseven and in the middle of my second cycle ever (For BB purposes.) I am told I have awesome genetics, ones opinion. Anyways, my questions has to do with working out. How often and How many set per body parts, I am four weeks into a straight testerona 200 cycle. Yes, I have gained 12 pounds with almost no fat ( genetics, ) I have 6 more weeks and want to maximize my gains, could someone please give my some advice here?

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    Hey, you probably haven't had a reply yet as this would be more appropriate in the w/o forum.

    Why don't you post you training split there, with exercises and reps and sets and I'll check it out.

    If your gaining your doing something right, I personnally only believe one thing now, you have to train to the point that inside you know you couldn't have trained any harder. When you walk out the gym there should be no doubt in your mind! Works for me.


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    your hitting 200mg of test and gained 12 lbs nice.

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    Here's what I do:

    back - 12 sets, 3 exercises
    chest - 11 sets, 3 ex.
    bi's, tri's - 6 sets each, 2 ex. each
    forearms - 5 sets, 2 ex.
    shoulders - 9-10 sets, 3 ex.
    traps - 6 sets, 2 ex.
    quads - 11 sets, 3 ex.
    hams - 6 sets, 2 ex.
    calves - 6 sets, 2 ex.

    That's it. Seems to work pretty well for me.

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