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Thread: Clomid Question

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    Clomid Question

    I am on clomid about 2 1/2 weeks done and i have a problem. First off, i did a cycle of tornel test enan. at 400 mg/week for 10 weeks. 2 weeks after last shot, i started clomid. One problem. My balls are still adorably small. Seriously though, they don't seem to be growing one it. This was my first cycle, so obviously my first time with clomid. Is this normal?

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    How much clomid are u taking? You should be taking 300mgs the first day, 100mgs for 10 days and 50mgs for 10 days.

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    i would think it is normal... When i was on my third cycle i took my clomid like everyone said, and when i was done with my clomid, my nuts were still somewhat small. I think the test that everyone said you could do is this. Jack of... i think if you shoot more load than your clomid is working. Hey it worked for me. near and after my cycle, i was shooting blanks... well almost blanks, when i hit the clomid, BOOM more load. try it out.. my testis were still small for about 2 weeks more and then they started growing... well 1 week in a half or something

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    As a side note, i would urge you to refrain from using the word "adorable" or any of its permutations, to describe your balls. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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