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    ? about adadrol for kick starting cycle

    I was planning on kick starting my cycle with a-bombs 50mg ed for 4wks. I was just wondering if I would crash any, if I continued with the rest of my cycle which would be 500mg enanthate per week and 600mg eq per week, for the remaining six weeks? This is my third cycle and my stats are at the bottom.

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    I don't tend to "crash" strength wise when i come off abombs and im running other aas, i just lose a lot of the water weight i was carrying but I seem to keep most of the strength.

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    I think bdtr is right on...I've yet to hear of anyone not seeing a dip on the scale after coming off drol, but don't confuse that with a loss of muscle or impending loss of strength.

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    I started of with 25 mg the first wk and noticed slight strength gains, then bumped it up to 50 mg and felt amazing strength gains but did not blow up as much as I thought, i was also jump starting my cycle with prop and the rest of my cycle was the same as yours but for 12 i loved the drol prop combo...bump for anyone else who has used drol and prop to jumpstart...

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