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    Cutting cycle advice

    I am currently takin 500mg/Cyp/week, D-bol/50mg/day, and Winstrol 50mg/day (Arimidex during cycle -- clomid & Clen after cycle). What "supplements" and doses should I use for a cutting cyle afterwards ( i am taking time off and then starting the cutting cycle).

    6' 1" - 210lbs (hopefully 230 after cycle).
    25 years of age
    Lifting 8 years now
    approx. 11% bodyfat

    Thanks in advance

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    Runa search bro! There are tons of choices for a cutting cycle with many diffrent drugs to use. The key to cutting is your diet and everything else is secondary. As long as you have a good diet you can cut with just about anything. I personally would use Testosterone , Tren and Liquidex through with Cytomel for the last 4 weeks and Clen -E/C/A combo run through out alternating between them every 2 weeks. Good luck on what ever you decide to do


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    M18 is right on the money DIET is the key, gear is very secondary, i have a good friend who uses d-ball right up until show, national level. If your not dieting for a show, just to look good, test as base, fina, winny, primo all good choices, along with some type of fat burner, cardio and t3.

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