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    All right fellas, I dont ussally like to ask questions but I need a little help. I told my gf friend that when she got a boob job then I would get a six pack, and she went to her first consutation yesterday so now its time for me to step up. I am currently in week 10 of a 16 week cycle of test and eq. I am taking 400mg of test and 250mg of eq every 4 days. I am adding 50mg of winny ed for the remander of my 16 week cycle. Before, Ive always thought the cutting was a bad word, so I don t really know how to do it. I already do cardio every mourning before breakfast and my body fat is between 10 and 15 percent. How many carbs can I eat while cutting? Do I need to be on a fat burner while I am taking winny? (I know that winny doesnt accually burn fat) Is there any special stuff that I need to know about cutting? and Can still drink my nlarge shake everynight before I go to bed? Thanks for any extra help-Ive been searching the boards all mourning and already found alot of useful info.

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    You could try the t3/clen /eca route. I've been on it for 6 days and its dropped 5pds. off my body. I've been eating high protien foods and keeping cals. around 2000.

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    get a great abs workout then some clen , or t3.

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    i saw incredible results w/ winny t3, and clen . I think you'd be very happy with that

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    You can always try the crack diet. j/k
    Throw some clen in there with the winny and definitely drop the Nlarge shake before bedtime. Good luck Corey

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