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    Joint Pain and Deca

    I posted earlier about a cycle and thank you all for your input. My next question is since alot of people choose EQ over Deca is there a possablity I could take maybe 300 mg of Deca for join pain since its supose to elevate some of the pains. And yes I did read posts about Deca and join pains but what I am asking for is peoples input on if deca really did work for them to elevate some of the pain and woudl it be ok if i injected like 300mg a week for join pain.

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    Nothing wrong w/ running deca and eq at the same time.
    And yeah it will elevate joint pain @ 300mgs a week.
    If you have it...i'd use it :-)

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    deca helped me with joint pain (shoulder and lower back) now that I'm off it the pain in my back/hip has came back, oh well I guess I need more deca

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    I run low dosages of deca all the time for joint lubrication.

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    I'm running 150mgs per week of deca with a eq-test cycle for joint pain. If 150mgs deosnt work I'll bump it up to 200 or 300mgs per week

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