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Thread: Deca ot Test

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    Cool Deca ot Test

    Hey Guys,

    New to this site, awesome site. Got a question. I have been lifting for about 2 years but mostly maintenance. I'm now ready to get gain more mass and got few questions. Tell me what I'm doing wron.

    I'm 5'7" 154 lbs with 11% bodyfat.

    Question on stacking:
    I have deca 300qv and Test 200. Do i have to take both, or can I just use either one for 6-8 weeks. I have taken equipoise before and it did work very well got some definition but the guy at my gym wanted me to stack this 2. like 1cc deca and 1 cc test a week. I know he's very big and defined but someone with my weight should I be doing this stack?


    Now I changed my routine to one body part a day here in order
    per day
    Quads,Chest,BAck,Bicep/tricep,Shoulders,Quads/abs. I read that one body part a day with heavy weights at least 4-5 different workouts will enable me to gain more mass. moderate cardio 2X a week

    My Diet.

    Egg whites ro breakfast,cereal
    high 5(maxmuscle)protein shake 9-10am
    high protein lunch with bake potato
    high 5 protein shake with carbo max before workout
    light high protein dinner
    protein shake before bed
    i know I have to increase my calorie intake abit to at least 4000/day



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    You could take the test by itself but i wouldnt take deca by itself. You should also run the cycle at least ten weeks. I would suggest test @ 500 mg a week and deca @ 300mg a week. If you eat, train, sleep, etc. properly you should be pleased with the results........

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    Hey, nice handle LOL.... IMO... FUK DECA ! I've been using on & off.. well mostly on for a few years now & I can honestly say that test is best! Stacking the 2 would give you your best results no doubt because deca is more anabolic and test more androgenic , but I will never use deca again. It is much harder to recover from because it shuts you down harder, not to mention deca dick which I don't care what anyone says, even with test you can't escape it completely. Go with test bro, that's all I've used for the past year and I have had nothing but great results.

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    OK, bro, since you said you've done a cycle before and trained for 2 years, I'm gonna assume you're old enough to use AS. Old enough IMO is 21 -23. ANyway, at your weight I'd still say to run both at higher dosages...and forget 6-8 weeks cycles...if you want any kind of results, you have to go at least 10 weeks with those compounds.

    Try this:

    1-11: 500mg/wk test
    1-10: 400mg/wk deca
    1-17: liquidex 0.5mg/ED
    14-17: clomid
    nolvadex on hand in case of gyno

    Your training schedule is fine. Hopefully you're hitting large bodyparts with at least 12-15 sets and smaller parts with around 9-10 sets, keeping reps mostly around 6-10 but going as high as 20 for some shock sets....and use supersets, drop sets, giant sets, negatives, forced reps, etc.

    The diet looks a little off. Are you eating quality carbs? It doesn't look like you're getting enough of these. Try old fashioned oatmeal with your egg whites. Get some yams, brown rice, kidney beans, rye bread, and natural peanut butter (I live off the stuff for my fat intake). Try eating mostly whole food, using shakes only when a meal is impossible. And where's the post workout drink? Get something in you right after a workout. It looks like you have a "light high protein dinner" after working out. That ain't enough! Drink your PWO shake (with 50-100 gms. sugar/40 gms. protein) right after, then eat a BIG meal an hour later. Then have your protein shake a few hours later before bed.

    JMOs...good luck!

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    I agree with pumpseeker. That is solid advice.

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    run them both. you will not regret it.

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    Thumbs up Thanks Guys

    Thanks for the advice, also Pumpseeker awesome advice

    I knew I wasnt eating enough carbs, why I havent gain that
    much weight. I will keep you guys inform of my results.

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    I agree with Pumpseeker 100%. Also, I ran Deca and Test Cyp together and never experienced any deca dick or gyno problems. My wife actually thought I was turning into a sex animal. This is not to say that you will have the same reaction. Each person is different and can experience different sides. I am just saying what mine were. Don't count something out (or in) just because of one or two peoples reactions or opinions. Do your homework, research, research, research. Then after you have rsearched you can research some more and make an informed intelligent decision about the direction you would like to go.

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    i ran deca with 200mg of primo last cycle and didnt experience deca dick....but i wouldnt suggest u take deca alone stack it with some test definitely

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