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Thread: hgh questions

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    hgh questions

    i was curious. a lot of people say you have to take insulin with hgh in order for it to work well.. can you get good results without insulin and just using hgh? i dont plan on taking it im just curious. also does hormone replacement therapy build muscle?

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    As I understand it:
    HGH taken with a regular stack of AS such as Test and deca , will mainly help you cut up (running it at 2 - 4 iu per day).

    HGH + insulin taken with a regular stack of AS such as Test and deca, will help you grow muscle.

    Insulin is dangerous. So if you choose to use it, make sure you know what you're doing else you will hurt yourself with it more quickly than you can hurt yourself with any of the basic steroids .

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    You can spike insulin with high GI carbs too. Not only is insulin very dangerous but it also has to be kept cold or from how I understand it - it thickens.

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    Didnt know insulin was so dangerous.

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    Agreed, unless you know what your doing, DO NOT run it with insulin . Myself along with others that I know, are getting good results without it, and I'm not even doing a cycle right now. If you just run HGH alone, it will lean you out. But, throw in some AS and you will see amazing results...Can't wait to start my next cycle in a couple of months!!!!

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