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    Next cycle, advice

    Hi All,

    I just finished up a 3 month deca /test(cyp) cycle. I was doing 400mg/wk deca and around 600-800mg/wk test. I had mixed some anavar in at times as well, but I believe it was raising my liver function.
    Running my pct now (Clomid and Novarel). I went from 180lbs to about 210lbs and back down to 195lbs as I tappered off. So a total of 15 lbs of LBM. I was very happy. I've been training for a very long time naturally, and started AS about a year ago. My training and eating principles are solid. My AS knowledge is minimal.

    I'm currently at 5'9.5" and around 195. I eat very clean so my BF% is very low, I never had it checked but I'm guessing around 10% maybe lower. I am trying to put on some mass but not get too bloated. Hey, I know I can't have the best of both worlds.
    I'm going to start my next AS cycle in December. That will consist of Test(cyp), EQ, and DBol . I also have plenty of Femera for use throughout my cycle to keep the water weight to a minimum and protect against gyno.
    I'm also starting GH (nutropin depot) the beginning of September.
    I've done a four month run of GH (3iu's/ed) in the past.

    I'd like to run the GH right through my AS cycle. Around 7 months or so.

    Can anyone give me some advice as to how I should approach this cycle? Meaning: Which of the three (EQ, Test, Dbol) should I start first, second and third, the duration and the dosage ?

    I have my own Idea's but I'd like to hear from the experts.
    BTW: Forget the Deca , Damn deca dick blows. Even though I love the stuff

    Enough babble, please help.

    PS. I get my blood work done regularly

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    Start EQ, test, and dbol at same time, run dbol for 4 weeks. Run test and eq at least 10 weeks.

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    Like the Rhino said, but I would go atleast 12 weeks with the EQ and depending on the test atleast 1 week past the EQ

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