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Thread: my cycle

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    my cycle

    well I finnaly got my stuff and took my first shot today I was so shaky I could not belive it and it did not hurt as much as I thought but it still hurt I gues it just fells weird going in because it goes through leyers of stuff and when I pulled back on the plunger it was all good so I pushed it in and I was alot harder to get in then I thought gust because my gear is thick shot 22g 1-1/2 pin in the quaud.

    well I decided to go with more of a fat loss thing first I got primoteston 250 dooing 500 mg for 10 wks along with eating about 3500-3800 cal of very clean food and doing cardio for 30 min 5 days a wk and wks 6-10 then Im doing stenox(halo) to add some extra strenth and hardness

    I got nolva provion clomid and hcg for at the end also have some clen for after words. this is my first cycle age 19 weight 250 18-19%bf lifting for 5 years

    bought all my shit in good old mexico hope that it is real I gues only time will tell.
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    best of luck to you on your cycle block.

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    yo you might wanna try like a 1 inch needle for quad. up to u tho

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    YA, save the 1.5" for the glutes.

    I don't think your gonna need the nolva with just 500mgs/week.

    keep it on hand incase the nips start to get sore?

    Happy growing!

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    Good Luck on your cycle bro

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    good luck on your cycle bro..

    just don't use the hcg at the end.. use just the clomid

    hcg is used mid cycle during a long cycle.

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