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    Help boys... why does my left testicle hurt

    Ok boys, I ran a 12 week Sus/Fina/Winstrol cycle...
    Sus for weeks 1-10, fina and winny for weeks 6-12. I took clomid a couple days after the last shot of Fina. I've been post cycle for almost two months now and every now and then I get a pain my left teste. It feels like when you get hit in the sack but the pain isn't as extreme. It comes and goes. I am taking Tribulus and ZMA since doing clomid. My strength in the gym has only decreased a small amount since finishing the cycle but the boys still havent grown back to their regular size. Could the pain be attributed to the growing-back factor? My strength seems to be gradually going down. I never crashed yet... and it's been almost two months since I finished. Should I jump back on clomid? or could this nut pain be related to something different entirely?

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    Is it swollen? Any lumps?

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    funny thing. that happened to me last year. it was the first time i tried russian dbol and after the cycle my nuts hurt so bad. it was even worse when i had sex. when i shot my load i wanted to scream. lucky i was with a long time girlfriend at the time, or she would of thought she was giving me the best sex of my life.haha

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    Try gettin some HCG if you can. 5000iu's should fix your boys up.

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    i get testy aches sometimes too bro... its just the system shut down... alot of my buddies get them too... I'm on 1000mg of sust a week right now, had them last night b4 bed.... comes and goes.... when you go off the heez no more probs, side affects are enevitable...

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    The pain may or may not be related to the steroids you're using. Might be an infection.

    If you're concerned, go see your doctor about it.

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    Good advice!

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