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    Cycling and muscle soreness

    When you're doing a cycle, how many of you experience muscle soreness a day or two after your work out (DOMS--delayed onset muscle soreness)?

    When I did my cycle, it seemed like I never got sore except once in a blue moon, despite workingout intensely.

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    Same here, i thought i wasnt working out hard enough.

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    i get sore after every workout, off or on.

    it usually hits 2 days after the workout is over, not the next day. dont get me wrong, i'm sore the very next day, but 2 days out, its much worse.
    that being said, i'm used to it now, and if i dont get at least some soreness, i feel i didnt hit it right, or hard enough.

    peace I4L

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    Never get sore when i'm cycling other than from injections and occasionaly on leg day.

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    leg day will usually make me sore the next day, but thats about it.

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