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Thread: 2 week cycles?

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    2 week cycles?

    I was looking for an old thread about two week cycles it came from elite, anyway I was thinking of giving it a try it said something like running

    dbol days 1-14 40mg
    prop 300mg 1st day then 100 next 12 100mg

    if done right it said you can gain a quick 2-5 pounds of muscle and recover within a few days then get back on after about 2-4 weeks of off time. If you do the math you will gain and keep the same muscle in a year doing it this way than if you did the tradition 10-12 weekers. Plus he claims that sides are held to an extreme minimum and your body holds the gains more due to the small amount gained at a time. Any comments?

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    Hormonal roller coaster where you're not taking advantage of possible gains that could be made. It's the non sexual equivalent of jerking off till right before you cum then stopping, sure it was fun but you really didn't finish did ya? I'm really not a fan of most theories posted on elite and take everything i read there with a grain of salt.

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    Fango Wango cycles don't work. They were put to rest about three years ago for good reason. You simply can't put on any significant lean muscle and keep it and recovery still takes four to six weeks making them essentially useless.

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    Total waste of time and gear IMO !

    All you're gona gain is a lot of water.


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