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    When to take Super Clen

    I bought something called super clen , that supposedly contains clen. I had never taken it before, but it really threw my body into a loop yesrday and has the effect of knocking me out and making me very tired. Things got better a few hours later but as I say I really couldn't work out as hard after work because I was soooo burnt out and felt spent.

    I was wondering if I can take this before bed time and if that would still be ok, because if it does nothing else for me, it is a great sleep aid.

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    save it for post cycle. the extra sleep and apetite will do you some good bro in keeping your size. Not to mention clen is a good anti catabolic.

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    This is very interesting, i can't find much info on super clen . Alot of people did say it made them sleepy, if so like bennie mentioned can you take it before bed, and will it still be effective as a fat burner if so?

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    Y'all check out this thread.... this is what CYCLEON has to say about SuperClen...

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