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Thread: Prop Injection

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    Prop Injection

    Hey bros,

    Got my prop last week thank goodness.... gyno symptoms are gone... anyway. i hit my first delt inj yesterday...1cc.. next week i'm bumping to 1.5 cc eod...

    The problem is it hurts like hell. I dont know if it was because i was unsteady as hell or its the gear.. when i did my glute last week i didnt feel a thing..

    Do you think 1.5 is too much for prop inj in delt? My friend said he wouldn't go over 3/4cc at once and just do both delts on same day..

    But I'm only doing Glutes/delts. I dont want to do quads or any other spot site... it makes me nervous thinking about doing traps or biceps..


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    You can do 2CCs to the delts as long as you dont mind the lump you get for about 2 hours afterwards.

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    Just remember - PROP HURTS!!

    Or at least it does for a little while.

    Go for your quads and thighs - it ain't bad at all - I do them all the time and they're cool!

    Just hold it steady and slowly push. No problems ever!!

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    doing 1cc is not bad... just keep massaging the injected area and moving your arm. Also depends on the batch number of the company you are using. Some have higher BA and others don't. That matter a great deal to. Well good luck.

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    does denkall or tornell make prop???

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