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    Gh and test what kind and how much

    I just came off of eq and t prop loved it. Got some eurotech gh just waiting for me .just currious what type of test should i take with it. I dont want to be bb huge just athletic lean, and girls go oh my look at him. i am 165 to 170 norm. 185 to 190 on eq and test prop I was only taking 300 of each. Also i heard you can take one of the andro staks as a gains keeper If so which one and how much. I am getting hcg also. I won't take insulin because i had hypoglycemia when i was little. How much does diet matter on gh i heard it does then i heard it does not. thanks and sorry to ramble. ps i never trust the juiceheads i know cause they drink and do way to much. I may be a novice but i would rather have the lean ripped look than the jay cutler ronnie coleman look. Frank shamrock look is what i want. lean ripped muscular and hard. not mark coleman thanks for the help

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    Ronnie Coleman, mark coleman, what about a Gary Coleman look?
    j/j I have no experience yet with GH but I'm sure u could take any type of test with it.
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    not too far from you
    A friend of mine is pondering on taking GH, and he heard from the owner of the gym that was a pro-body that mentioned that alot of test is needed. Now the Q's is what is alot, that I could not Answer for ya, but mu guess is if its:
    1) prop-200-250 eod

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