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Thread: Dbol Sandwich??

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    Dbol Sandwich??

    I'm mapping out the final touches on the next cycle. Conceding that experience trumps theory, I'm going to go against my theoretical belief in 'dual-natured' cycles and run a pure bulker (though hopefully a relatively clean one). It will consist of Test Enan and Eq throughout what I'm structuring as 15 weeks. While I'm still shaping where and how I'd like to give Tren Enan a run in there, it will be a part of the cycle. Given that they're all long-acting esters, it's likely I'll kick the cycle off with either dbol , anavar or drol (would prefer to stay away from drol, though the temptation is intriguing). My question is, given that it's fifteen weeks long and the oral will only be run by four, will the 11 weeks in between allow me to tag that same oral onto the end while waiting for the compounds to clear? It'll likely be dbol, despite being a little put off by the sides, though anavar's a close second. In a bulking cycle, i can see the merits of running the same oral again at the end (effectively making a dbol sandwich), but I just wanted to double check on the feasibility of only an 11 week break on the same oral. I know people will often tack another 17aa on at the end after starting with one, but does the fact that it's the SAME oral change things at all? I have my doubts that it does, but like all things, I'd rather check to be certain.

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    17aa is 17aa, it doesn't matter which you run at the end really, its all based on the desired effect you're looking for. May i reccomend starting with drol and finishing with dbol ? I love drol, if you haven't tried it you really need to give it a shot.

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    drol will help you grow a lot quicker

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    what dose were you planning on running the dbol at -assuming you sandwich it-? I think that 11 weeks in between would be plenty.

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    BigGreen...I am facing the same dilemna. I am also running Test Enanth for 20 weeks and Eq for 15 weeks. I will run winny at the end for 6 weeks, but haven't decided what I want to start with. Let me know once you decide what you are going to try.

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