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    Gyno prevention with winny

    Hi all,

    Am developing some tenderness in my nips after about 7 weeks on the following:

    600mg Eq/week
    250mg Sust/week (started week 4)
    150mg Winnie/week (stopped week 6)

    What can I do to stop this? I have access to more Winny, HGH and hopefully Liquidex.

    Any suggestions on how to taper this to a happy conclusion. I have been reading the posts and there have been some different opinions on the matter. I did read the faq on the site about coming off but, wanted to survey and double check the info and see if anyone might have anything to add ... any suggestions you have would be much appreciated.


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    Do you have access to nolvadex ?

    Run it at 40mg till signs go away, then 10mg mfor the remainder through your cycle.

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    You need to take 50mg of winny everyday so if you can get more then do it. Might help with the nips, but I don't think that theres clinical proof on that.

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    get Nolva or Arimidex

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