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Thread: Hows This Look

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    Hows This Look

    Weight 185 15%bf 5'11"( Weeks 1-12 Sus250/75omg Per Week )(1-12 Winny 50mg/eod) Looking To Gain Some Good Muscle And Reduce Bf This Is My 2nd Cycle Fist One Was 12weeks Of Deca At 400mg A Week I Will Also Take Novand Some Clomid Weeks 10-14 Thanks

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    I'd cut the winnie out at 8 weeks max, 6 or 7 ideal. I'd also run it every day, not every other day and run it to week 15. That's also a high dosage of test for a first time test user, just my two cents though.

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    12 weeks winny to long 6-8 weeks

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    Run the winny like this:

    1-6...50 mgs/ed
    11-14...50 mgs/ed

    And run liquidex at .5 mgs/ed from the beginning to the last day of clomid.

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    might need a new liver upon running 12 weeks of winny...go with bdtr's suggestion:
    sus 500mgs wks 1-12
    winny 50mgs/ed wks 10-15

    Good Luck,


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