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    I know its far away..... but

    I am just starting a cutting cycle now that will last until spring break (last week of march). But I am thinking ahead (and probably will start buying the gear so I have it) for a bulking cycle when I get back from spring break.

    I am really running low on cash, so I want something cheap, my favorite being Brovel T200. So, I am thinking a really simple 8 week cycle like this:

    wk 1: 1200mg T200
    wks 2-8: 600mg T200
    Start clomid 21 days after last shot. the usual 300,100,50

    I am kinda worried that might not be enough, so I was also contemplating raising the frontload to 1600, and the weekly dose to 800mg. What do you guys think???

    I also thought about throwing in some dbol or EQ but I just don't have the cash! I blew a lot on my current cycle of T3/clen /keto/fina/t200/winny/halo/dnp <-- hell of a cycle isn't it, and NO they are not all being taken together!

    I am open to suggestions and comments, please!!!

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    I'm sure you can make it work. Test is best, and the rest is less.

    Go for it bro, and good luck on the upcoming cutter. You wanna bulk right before summer though?? Stay lean for summer and tear it up next fall. Or tell me to shut the hell up and do whatever you want.

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    Whatever dose you decide to use for the frontload, frontload for the first two weeks.


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    I guess my main question is should I just run the test with a frontload, or buy one less bottle of T200 (and not frontload) and use that $$ for some dbol ? Both methods are for kick-starting a cycle. I hold a TON of water on dbol, but I guess 1600mg test would probably hold a lot of water too......

    I think, based on my financial situation, it's gonna look like this... nice, simple, cheap, and effective:

    wks 1-2: T200 1600mg/w
    wks 3-8: T200 800mg/w
    Clomid therapy....

    I was re-thinking the dosages and realized I run 600mg test when I am running other things alongside it. When running it alone, that would be a joke for me. I needed to up it.

    BTW, for all you newbies out there.... DO NOT start with high dosages, because then you screw yourselves in later cycles. once your body is used to making gains off of 600mg, it won't ever make good gains off of 400mgs. Does that make sense?

    Ok, now Im rambling. I'll shut up now......

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    looks good bro but...
    frontload with 1200 and extend the 800 a few more wks(10 wks
    at wk 11 try test prop for 3 wks @ 100 mg ed and hit the clomid 3 days after last prop shot.
    i think you will be able to keep more of your gains this way.

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    4plates, I would love to throw in the prop (and have done this in past cycles), but I just don't have the money. Although, I do think extending the cycle a couple of weeks and lowering the frontload is a good idea. Thanks.

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