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    Need 3rd Cycle Help!!!!

    whats up third cycle is still months away, but this is what i have in mind...please tell me what you think...all comments/criticisms welcome:

    week 1-10 500mg test cyp
    week 1-10 400mg deca
    week 1-8 400mg tren enathate
    week 7-12 50mg winstrol ed

    i will have nolva and clomid, and i will probaly be taking arimidex throughout to minimize the you guys think i will have any problems with this cycle....i threw in the winstrol at the end because i love it and will include it in each one of my cycles....thanks guys

    22yrs old
    lifting hard for 5 years

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    if this is your 3rd cycle, id suggest raising your dose on your test to 700-750....if you can sell the tren enathate bottle and just buy tren then run it at the end of your cycle....this is how id do it....granted i dont know how much of this you've already bought.....Madmax

    750mg test (1-12)
    400mg eq (1-12)
    tren 75mg ed (7-15)
    winstrol 50mg ed (10-15)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madmax
    750mg test (1-12)
    400mg eq (1-12)
    tren 75mg ed (7-15)
    winstrol 50mg ed (10-15)
    i couldn't have suggested a better stack...listen to max on this one, his proposal is right on the money.

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