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    Acne and gyno??????

    Well i dont have any symptons of any of these problems, and hope i dont get it........But what should i have on hand just in case?

    Im on DECA300- 300mg WEEK 1-10
    SUS 250- 500mg WEEK 1-10

    Another thing i always read about acne comming out on peoples back, but what about the face?

    Anybody out there have an good high protien, high calorie diet routine they would like to share ?

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    there's a good workout, diet etc info - all you need

    also, read about cycles and PCT there too- there's info that answeres your quesitions.

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    Well i hope you haven't started your cycle without your anti e's like so many people on here have. You should have on hand some clomid for HPTA recovery, some nolvadex for gyno protection. As for your acne if it gets bad go see a dermatologist, most likely they will give you an antibiotic, doxycycline if you can get it. I know its hard to wait once you have most of your gear, but these anti e's can be essential to your cycle. Good Luck.

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    have clomid for PCT, bromo for the deca gyno and nolva for gyno symptons from test, and a search button for research

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