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    Hey guys, I have been on the board for around 18 months mow and reading lots each day and finding out new stuff all of the time. I was supposed to start a cycle 4 months ago but decided to wait and do some more research first. Now, I feel I have got enough info under my belt to give it a shot. Here is what I am planning and why. This is my first cycle too.
    Weeks 1-10 deca @300mg/week (tokkyo labs)
    Weeks 1-10 [email protected]/week (valopharm)
    nolva on hand throughout
    clomid 3 weeks after last deca [email protected] 300 day 1/100 10 days/50 10 days

    I think this should give me what I want out of it and the reason for the deca on my first cycle is my knees and shoulders are pretty bad and I hope the deca will allow me pain free heavy lifting. The test is to counter the effects of the deca as originally I wanted to run a test only cycle but was advised against it by you guys. Thanks.

    I guess my question is that I have read a few posts that nolva is all together better than clomid (don't remember who they were posted by) should I cut out the clomid and only run nolva or keep the clomid? Any comments or concerns or advise in general would be awesome.
    Also do I need bromo on hand for the deca gyno or do I need to worry about it at only 300mg/week?

    P.S. I am most worried about the acne that comes with the test what methods do you guys suggest to suppress this, besides accutane and such.

    Thanks a lot guys. Peace.

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    well planned out cycle, however remember Deca lubes your joints, only masking the pain. If you have any serious pain your only going to inflict that much more damage and not know it until post cycle.
    Your body is telling you something with the pain bro..listen to it

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    For the acne, I have found that washing twice a day with an acne soap containing salysilic(sp?) acid, taking pantothenic acid (B-5), eat clean and plenty of rest. If this doesn't work, go to the doctor and get a script.

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    One thing .. keep the Clomid as is, and if you want you can run Nolva 10mgs ed with the Clomid.


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