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    another first cycle question

    Hey bros,
    I made a similar post last week, since then I have had a hard time getting certain products.BTW, I am 28, 190lbs, lifting 5 years and know how to use the search button . I am thinking of changing my cyle, let me know what you think.
    Originally my cycle was:12 week cycle
    1-4 dbol 30 mg ed
    1-12 test cyp 400 mg week Monday/Thursday
    after 2 weeks:
    clomid 300 mg 1st day
    100 mg next 10 days
    50mg last 10 days
    nolva on hand

    Heres the deal , I can't get d-bol, any other good jump start gear that anyone would reccomend. Also, I plan to run liquidex straight thru to help with bloat. I want to put on mass, yet keep some deffinition if possible. Also, an easy to follow cycle would be helpful. Any help would be appreciated. D

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    Well I will not suggest anadrol for a first cycle, and alot of people dont recommend d-bol for a first..maybe try some anavar , your gains wont be as high but its a milder 17aa and you wont need to worry about water bloat

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    I'd shorten the cycle to 10 weeks, that way it will still be 12 weeks overall you're on istead of 14 since Cyp takes 2 weeks to clear. Anavar would be a good jump start. You could use Prop for a stronger jump start.

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    from what I hear, you should blow up off of test only if this is yoru first cycle. Frontloading is not really goign to help your overall gains that much.

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    I'd run the cyp @ 500 and go 10 weeks if you can't get anymore, stick with 12 if you can. I'm running a similiar cycle in a few months with prop and dbol in there for the first 4 weeks for a jump start. You'll be fine without a jump start if you cannot get prop or dbol...I'd definitely add some deca or eq though

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    Jump start with Prop at 75mg ED and raise the Cyp. to 500

    Start clomid 3wks after last inject and I would suggest using Nolva @10mg alonside the L-dex to help with cholesterol.

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    pumpseeker and pheedno are right on IMHO. The "jump start" isn't as big an issue as maybe mixing in deca or eq and running for 12 weeks if possible. Using prop would get your jump if you wanted it though.

    Maybe run cyp @ 500mg/wk and deca or eq @400mg/wk.

    Run both for 12 weeks if possible.

    Just my thoughts.



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