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    Lightbulb Stanozolic - Fake winnie or real?

    Hello all,

    I am relitively new to steriods . I already did 1 cycle 4-5 months ago (Winstrol /Deca ). I was in Rosarito Beach, Mexico for the labor day holiday and found that there was a aboundance of steroids at almost every pharmacy. I meet a guy at a pharmancy ( i visited 10-15 different pharmacies to ask questions and get prices) who seemed to know the most about steriods (compared to everyone else). He drove me to a store outside of town where he had a store (Veterany/Pharmacy) . All he really carried was steriods and veternary supplies. Anyhow, i bought a bottle of Stanozolic (green packaging). This is the same stuff in the profile for Winstrol. (picture on bottem) Anyhow, in the profile it says do not buy anything that is not in 1ml amplues. However it shows a picture of the 20ml bottle of Stanozolic., The bottle and the packaging has the hologramic sticker on them and appear very authentic and professional. I am still concearned about the authenticity. The bottle it came in is a brow color. It seems that it is not seperating when left alone (then agian it is hard to tell when it is in a brown bottle vs a clear ampule) like the winnie i had in my last cycle. Does anybody have any experience with this?? Also i bought 200mg/ml 2ml vials of Deca. Seems to be very ligit with packaging and instuctions in each box. How can i judge its authenticity? By the way, the Stanozolic is all Mexican writing and manufactured in mexico. The deca was all in english and says it was made in NJ. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hey---Yes that is the real stuff...I will copy my bottle and PM it to you if you want me to but it is the same thing I just got off. Let me know and I will do what I can!

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    CYCLEON Guest
    does it look like this?

    if so ur good to go
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    as long as it's real

    thats' teh kind i use.fuckign great if you are mad lean.i just got teh new jurox winny this time to try it out.gonna start it soon

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    Not a fake. That is the exact product I used and I had great gains in strength and if it is a fake it is the single best placebo ever created

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