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    Starting Swolegenix Next Week!

    I have been hanging around this board for about 2 weeks and I ahve learned that before I consider AS, I need to get rid of some bodyfat. Right now I am 6'0", 227, 45 years old. According to what I can find about bodyfat I am at least 20%.

    I have ordered all of my supplements and I am stoked!

    Anyone with experience to pump me up some more!

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    Good luck and congratulations on making of life changing decision Bro. I can tell you we had some similarities. I am 43 years old, 6' 1" and a while back I was 27 % body fat. I worked on my cardio for a while and got down to about 21 % BF. I have continued to work hard and have just finished my first ever cycle. The last measurements that I had done was a few weeks ago and I was (ibelieve 218lbs. @ 15%BF. I was definetly stoked. I think I am a little lower now on the BF but weight is about 220lbs.
    Good luck, h=keep your head up and your eyes on the goal and remember--It's mind over matter, you don't mind na d the pain don't matter!

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