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    Please, i could use some advice about clen...

    Hey guys,

    I'm 20, 5" 10, and weighing about 190 lbs with a bf of 20% or so.... I've never used anything other than protein powder... I'm doing research about Clenbuterol as a cutting agent, but I am seriously concerned about side effects with anything I take, especially long-term ones... I was wondering, if any of you have experience witht his drug, what were the side effects you experieneced (how much did it rase your blood pressure, pulse and did it affect the liver)? Most importantly, I would like to know if clen has any long term side effects on any organ, but especially the heart... Also i know that many of you don't consider clen to be as serious as AAS in terms of side effects, but i'm seriously concerned about experimenting with any drug, and always anticipate the worst case scenario...

    Thanx a lot...

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    EVERYTHING you need to know!!!

    Clenbuterol Handbook

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    Yup what ^^^^^^^^^^^said!! Good read on that handbook!


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