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    Question Deca & Sustanon stack

    I have an Idea for my next cycle, I think that I am definately going to Stack Deca and Sust. I have two ideas on how I will go about this.

    #1- 8 week cycle

    weeks 1-8 Deca at 500mgs per week
    weeks 1-4 Sustanon at 250mgs per week

    #2- 10 week cycle
    Weeks 1-10 Deca/500mgs a week
    Weeks 1-5 Sustanon/500mgs a week

    What kind of gains do you think I could get from a cycle like this?
    Also, this may be a stupid question should I run 20mgs per day of Nolvadex , throughout the whole cycle regardless of which one I choose?
    Let know what you think, and If anything should be added. My goals are to add strength obvoiously, and about 20lbs or more of mass.

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    Run them both at both for ten weeks. Deca at 400mgs and test at 500mgs. definately hold on to the nolva and use it if you begin to feel any symptoms. dont forget your clomids.

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    Your Sus won't give you anything. Sus should be run EOD to get the full effects of all the esters as explained by BK :

    And definitely longer than 4 or 5 weeks.

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    If you are running Deca , don't forget to get some Bromo .. just in case.


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