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    Question about HGH and cellular division

    Alright guys i just thought about this since HGH is the only compound that can fix genetics ie.. by creating more muscle cells. what is to stop it from creating more cells in other areas of the body for example fat cells (even though its been proven to burn fat), brain cells , bone cells, and the cells in the penis. maybe this has been answered already but i was just wondering.

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    From my reading, it doesn't change the size of your brain / eyes.

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    Brain cells cannot be made. Growth hormone prolly on focuses on what it does naturally in the body. Increase bone size and muscle size. Most hormones only do one specific thing. If you do the research you can prolly find some good info on it. Im just to lazy at this time of morning to break out the medical book. Ask MedDoc (i think thats his name) he is the man!

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    bump for penis size

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