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    The Iron Game Guest

    Please Keep Check Your PM's / E-mails off the board

    It is self explanatory if someone is online then they are going to see there pm's. PtbyJason was kind enough to design it so that it is at the top of the main index page of the message board and not only that but it also flashes when you have a new pm

    If someone is online then I am also pretty sure they are going to check etheir e-mails. Kind of self explanatory. It takes up board space and leaves quite a few useless threads.

    Thanks for the understanding.


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    always bitchin and moanin about one thing or another aint ya?...................

    where you been anyways.................

    peace bb79

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    CYCLEON Guest
    well - it works unless "someone" is hopped up on a boatload of G!

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    Don't take it personal juice. IG pays for his women.

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    IG- don't check your PM please. Thanks
    What happens here, stays here

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    The Iron Game Guest
    Originally posted by primodonna
    IG- don't check your PM please. Thanks
    ask anyone, I never do

    No sweat Juice, dont let it bother ya, it wasnt aimed at anyone specific.

    Cyc, tell me about it. It must take a week a of Sundays for you to reply nowadays

    Barbells 215lbs and counting, way to go man

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