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    How much of it (Arimidex ) do you need on a daily basis to prevent gyno? I have seen anywhere from .25 mg to 1mg per day. How much of it do you need to prevent bloat? Does it matter how big the cycle is your running? How much more effective is it over Nolvadex for preventing gyno, and other estrogen related side efects, like water retention? Speaking of Nolvadex: In the Lang 2002 Diagnosis and Treatment medical reference book, to control Gyno, it says to take 10mg of Nolvadex in the morning on an empty stomach and the same at night. I have been taking 20mg twice a day, while on a relatively strong dbol /test cycle. By the way, my nipples still feel tender and sensitive. I guess the Nolvadex is working? Any thoughts on the proper dosage. Thanks guys,

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    The greater the amount of steroids , that can aromatise to estrogen, being used will determine the dose for arimidex to prevent both gyno and water retention

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    Arimidex is a highly effective drug to combat gyno or prevent it. If you are just trying to prevent gyno, .25 will be sufficient but if you have developed tissue 1 will be needed. I can personally testify to the latter of situations.

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