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    Mike Guest


    Ok I have been having problems accessing Hushmail lately so if you've emailed me and I have not responded that would be why.

    Also thought you should know that O. Jason is having a problem getting onto the board but should be on shortly - he has had problems with it since 8/31 (PtbyJason, if you are reading this - this is your que to help him out)


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    Mugs Guest
    Whats the Problem?? Oh... by the way, Mike, now look at my posts!!!!!

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    Whew!!! I thought you just didn't love me anymore

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    Mugs Guest
    I'm just hidding in the bushes looking at a great family. I'll be joining in in a few months. But, it doesn't look like you all need me!!

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    Mike Guest
    Look at what posts Mugs? all 6 of em!? lol

    Well - I guess he reinstalled his O/S and in doing so he erased all the cookies that his login was based in - so he tried to manually log in and it didnt work so he said he 'forgot his password' where it is suppossed to email something to him I believe and nothing happens....realy odd......

    (Pete - if you emailed my hushmail account I havent been able to check it for a while - email me at work)

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    ptbyjason Guest
    I'll see what I can do.

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    ptbyjason Guest
    Mike and OJ (if you are reading this) I e-mailed the password to OJ, so it should work. If there is still a problem I can delete the account and we can set it back up. Let me know.

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