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Thread: winnie problem

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    winnie problem

    i started an 8 week cycle of winnie tabs 2 weeks was all i could get and it was expensive so i am not able to stack it with anything.anyway, my brother is a chemist,he tested the stuff to make sure it was real before i started the cycle. I am starting to see some strength gain now but the last 3 days i have had such a bad stomache ache i stopped taking the stuff yesterday.i also just started taking milk thistle about 4 days ago.I know i should have been taking the milk thistle from the beginning of the cycle but i didnt. my stomache started to hurt the day after i started taking the milk i was wondering if anyone has ever had any probs with milk thistle or if it is probably the winnie.i am 30 years old,5' 9",215 lbs.,been lifting for about 8 years.this my 1st cycle and i was taking 40 mg a day.has anyone ever gone to the doctor to have thier liver there such a test?,is it covered by insurance?

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    I am not sure about the milk thistle, but please don't run the winny for eight weeks straight if you value your liver. ESPECIALLY since you didn't start the milk thistle until now. I would only run winny for 4-5 weeks. Then take a break for several weeks before doing it again.

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    holy shit bro. not a flame, but that is one of the worst "1st" cycles i have ever seen. ask for a little help next time.

    yes, you can go to the doctor and have your liver tested, although i doubt any damage has been done. if you are in pain, stop what you are doing. i would stop the cycle anyway, re evaluate, get some help on building a proper cycle(via this board) take a few weeks to clear your system, and start over the right way.

    any one of us here would be glad to give you a hand brother, just ask...

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    holy shit bro. not a flame, but that is one of the worst "1st" cycles i have ever seen. ask for a little help next time.
    no tests need to be run, IMO. If anything, slight elevation of your 3 standard liver enzyme values. It is expected. Will return to normal quite quickly, bro. Winny out of your system pretty quickly.

    Not too late to just stop this cycle completely and ASAP and add an injectable or two of some sort, as Big Kev implied.


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