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    Question Halotestin

    I've heard of people taking Halotestin before games, boxing matches, etc. in order to produce a huge amount of aggression and intensity. These people were not on a cycle of Halotestin but jsut took it before events. Does anyone have any info on how much you should take, and about how long before an events you should take it in order to achieve the maximum results. I'll be taking it before wrestling matches.

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    halo is used by boxers and powerlifter because of the amazing strenth gains it provides,as well as agression.usually taken between 20-30 mg ed,but becarefull,halo is very damageing to the liver,and has some bad sides.
    read up on it in the drug profiles section

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    To answer your question about Halo-- take about 15mg 30min prior to your wrestling match on an empty stomach... You will experience incredible strength and intensity--just make sure you can control it since the anger sometimes gets the best of someone on Halo--good luck and let us know

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