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    Best sources of research

    I'm just getting back into the sport after some years off. My previous experience with anabolics was great, but I'm rusty on the newer stuff. I have found this site to be a great source of information, but can other recommend some other research sites? If I'm going to get back into this, I want to do it right. My health isn't something I want to play with.

    Also, I have some Pro stuff, but based on the comments I have read, I am questioning if I should even start using them. Luckly, I only have a few things, so it wouldn't kill me to toss them.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Check out the Elite Fitness discussion boards at Use the search function if you have any specific questions. Web searches also work rather well IMO.

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    Yeah, don't use pro-hormones. As far as research, there are a lot of discrepencies between certain sites, but Elite is pretty accurate.

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    nathan is right, elite has a post on almost anything tho i did beat their search engine in a contest ) also, once u know what to look for I cant advise u enough to do use the web serch engines - it takes awhile to learn to hunt properly but you will be amazed waht u can find. another good site is for good articles - the boards are pretty bad tho if youre a newbie.

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