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    new stuff from ttyyoko?

    on got on their website and they had a new addition on there. It is called oxymetalona and comes in 50mg tablets of the drug oxymetolone.

    it is close in name to another drug they have but the dosages are not similar at all. I also searched for this and hasn't been discussed here nor is it on drug profiles.

    anybody have any info?

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    Bro, if it is oxymetholone, it is just anadrol . And they usually do come in 50mg doses. I don't know anybody who has used the Ttokkyo A-bombs so I don't know if they are any good, if you get em, let us know how they are...

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    I tried them and they seem to be about the same strengh as the Anapolons and the Androlic that I have used. I would purchase them again...

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    ive used ththeir dboll i love them.

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    I di not have good luck with TT anadrol . I've taken alot of AD over the years and this was by far the weakest. I would not purchase it again. The rest of thier products I have had success with. They are better than no AD though, and they are cheap...

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