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    Cycle input........your .02 here

    tell me what you fellas think..............

    ergogenic utilized.........may tweak and adjust on an as needed basis:

    Upjohn depo-test (200mg/ml)-10mlvials
    reforvit and a bit o' left-over pink fuckers..heh...
    stanozolol (100mg/ml)-10mlvials (spanish generic)
    ttokkyo boldenone /nandrolone (still debating which to use)--suggestions welcomed (Ranger, Deca -man...kick me down some knowledge, as of now eq is my anabolic of choice)
    spanish generic 10mg oxandrolone (400 left over from the original batches (DSPO and a couple of mine)--Fonz doing the testing.....testing at ~9.5mg/tab
    21 hemos left over in blisters.......debating.
    topical yohimbine (AF store brand)--carried by a concoction of capsicum gel, sports crème and ghetto brand 'Ben-Gay'

    started cycle monday, dec. 14th--bodyweight 200lbs.......hadn’t trained in 3-4wks due to an ungodly amount of school work and exams...along with the typical work/women shite'......

    Stats: now, 10days into this cycle==bodywieght-209lbs. what is truly amazing is that this x-mass, everyone told me how lean i looked and how thin my face was-despite 11days of dbol at 50mg/day and cyp on it way (past winter i flirted with hemos for a very brief time……….can you say Marshmellow man?
    oh yea, stats: 5'6, 209lbs (AM before cardio and after defecation/urination)
    body fat has not been measured--id hve to say that i am a cross between an endo/mesomorpth. its relatively easy for me to gain weight/strength, yet my body has a set point and doesn’t like 9% (which is pretty my all-time leanest, a solid 180lbs, when i boxed amateur)

    blood pressure is normal @126/76, genetically low cholesterol of no more than 110 total (when not on any gear)--overall, i am in relatively good shape/spirits except for a twisted knee last week, still painful so i have decided to get an MRI on both my knee as well as my shoulder to inquire into an older (16yrs young--dumbbell inclines without a spot) injury.

    goals: to rehab my knee, lean out a bit more and maintain/gain minimal hypertrophy (ive got the size i want), yet gain functional strength. knee rehab will consist of naproxen, 30min on the stationary bike 7days/week, 5-6g of glucosomamine/day along with extra vitamins necessary for the formation of collagen (i.e. ascorbic acid).

    diet: cardio by 8:00 a.m. followed by nothing but water for 1.5hrs, after which a meal rich in macronutrients is consumed, such as ham/cheese 10egg (2yolks only) omlete and a bowl of oatmeal. 5-6meals complete meals/day along with at least 4 optimum nutrition/skim milk (~55g protein each) shakes/day.

    training: consists of the following split:
    day 1: stationary bike/chest/calves
    day 2: stationary bike/back/abs
    day 3: stationary bike/ legs (limited weights due to knee)
    day 4: stationary bike/dealts (hitting the whole dealt, main/front/rear)/abs
    day 5: stationary bike/bis/tris/forearms/calves……….instinctive training (light) on any other body part i feel needs work
    day 6: stationary bike/instinctive training if and when it seems necessary
    day 7: stationary bike/ instinctive training if and when it seems necessary

    weeks 1-16 50mg/day proviron, 10mg/day nolva---weeks 17-20 1mg/day of liquidex used.
    weeks 1-8………300mg cypionate eod
    weeks 1-4……….100mg propionate eod (taken with cyp), 50mg/day of dbol taken once a day, prior to training for increased pumps, aggression and increased post-absorptive phase nutrient loading following training
    weeks 9-14……..150mg cypionate taken twice weekly, 75mg/day of tren , 75mg/day of winny
    weeks 14-16…....100mg eod of propionate, 75mg/day of tren, 75mg/day of winny
    weeks 16-20……2500iu of H-C-G 4days apart, 10iu of humalog post training-creatine loading, clomid therapy (100mg-wk1, 100mg-wk2, 50mg the following two weeks), bromocriptine, DHEA, 5-10mg dbol (a.m. to help block cortisol)

    even you older guys who don’t get out much like Ranger, 1911….etc……..let me know what you fellers think  you know I value opinions so lets here em……………

    in solidarity


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    try minimizing that alittle and maybe i can help, too long to remember what was going on.

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