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    I correctedmy cicle HELP me on this

    1 50mg winny/eod & 250 mg SUSt
    2 50mg winny/eod & 250 mg Sust
    3 50mg winny/eod & 500 mgsust
    4 50mg winny/eod & 500 mg sust
    5 50mg winny/eod & 500 mg sust
    6 50mg winny/eod & 750 mg sust
    7 50mg winny/eod & 750 mg sust
    8 750 mg sust
    9 750 mg sust
    10 1000mg sust
    11 1000 mg sust
    12 1000mg sust

    By the way ,its not my first cicle. I have done a couple but for the last 1 yearI havn't been training anymore due to some problems.

    I have done

    sust,windtr,primo,deca ,di-anabol,anafar,stromba, before

    I started when I was 17 I was 78 kg
    after my first cycle my weight was around 95 kg

    I never got somutch in one cicle again after that. But the first cicle seems to be the best when done properly

    I am 22 now my weight is 90 kg
    I want have started trainig again, my stomach looks real good too , its just a little bit of fat very little , but I hate it so I'm geting rid of that
    I just wanted some tips from (friendly guys that don't mind taking the time to write.
    I have never done anadrol before ( got fake once)

    I diet good ,train good and also have done a couple of cicles.
    My body is ready for it. So
    please just give me some tips on using and sossages

    I will try to scan a couple of my pics some where (my scanners broken) SO THAT then you could judge better if I am a rooky or not
    I made a mistake in the dossages last time with sust i corrected that

    I would be thankfull with any ideas.


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    i'd just run the sust at 500mgs per week for 10 weeks, no tapers. or you could take 750 mgs per week in 3 seperate injections. if you could get some eq to run at 400mgs per week for the entire 10 weeks you would make much better gains. also switch the winny to the last 6 weeks of your cycle at 50mgs per day. if i where you i would really consider these few modifications, they will make all the differance in the world.

    i'd also include clen post cycle. and of course you will need clomid.

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    Bigkev is right, heres how I would do it:

    wk 1-10 sus 500-750/wk
    wk 6-12 winny 50/ed
    clomid 2-3 days after the your last dose of winny

    IMO you should never stop all drugs at one time.


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    Flip the cycle around, make week 12 week 1 and you could run it like that

    Thread summarizing clomid time efficiency

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