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    Deca-Durobolin & Stanozolol

    I used Deca and Stanol back in April for 8 weeks. I peaked Deca at 100mg./week with Stanol at 40mg./day or 280mg./week. I got really good results but it seemed that I was just a touch below where I was trying to get. I was thinking of bringing Deca up to 300mg-400mg./week and Stanol to about 60mg./day this time.
    Does anybody have any experience using these two and these amounts?

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    this be proof that lower doses do work, do please people when someone asks a question about their cycle, stop saying 100, 200, 300 wont do anything increase it. if the person is asking if he should increase it then feel free but if he is asking a question about something else dont turn around and say increase it.

    300 and 50mgs daily should be good

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