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    Question adding one

    Does anyone know what would be good for stacking with test and fina? I thought about using D-bol or Anadrol but it seems that they have too many side effects and on top of that once you get off it you loose almost everything

    here is what the last cycle that I did looked like
    WEEK 1/2/3: 500mg of Test (Eth) and 150mg of Fina (3x a week=450mg)

    WEEK 4/5/6/7/8/9: 500mg of Test

    WEEK 10/1/12: same as week 1-3

    this cycle worked well for me any suggestions for the next one?
    should I combine all 6 weeks of Fina or split them up and what should I compound with this stack for better gains?

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    wk 1-8 test
    wk 6-10 fina (ed)
    wk 1-8 eq

    I would run it like that, if you want a kick start at the beginning use prop

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