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    Question More about Mexico steroid?

    If the steroid has not been refrigerated is it still worth taking. I'll never know how it was handeled. What should someones expectations be if you take 4 tablets of 40mg a day, and what would the the sides be? What would be the least amount of time to see results?

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    Refrigerated???? your not dealing with growth hormone here or slin. fourty mg is fine i assume your talking about dbal but you need to stack dont waste you money if your not going to stack it with another AS

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    D-Bol does not need to be stored in the fridge ans as Pureanger said D-Bol only cycle will give you results not much though

    I would suggest you research about a drug you are going to use as I get the indication you are not too sure of it.Check various sites out for the explanation of each drug it will list potency side effects and normal doses taken


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