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    clen after cycle?

    How soon can you start the clen ? I am finishing off my cycle with primo right now, can I start the clen now? I am also going use hcg , then clomid at the end of my cycle (I don't want this to turn into "don't use hcg at the end of cycle" thread, I have done the research, and it is right for me), so can I take the clen while on hcg, then the clomid?

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    you can start your clen at anytime bro.

    oh yea, and hcg is not for post cy....... oh, my bad, sorry about that.

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    Okay you can use HCG post cycle but you must remember it has the same effect on your body as being on gear. Just don't bother taking the clomid and HCG at the same time b/c the clomid will do nothing for you at that time to get your natural test production up again. Best bet for HCG is to use it at 500IU a day for the last week of your cycle, then start clen day 1 post cycle and depending on your gear choices clomid between 3 days and 2 weeks after your last steroid /hcg dose.

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