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    Question nandrolone phenylpropionate??? ANY1 USED IT??

    I can get injectable Vet nandrolone phenylpropionate, brand name Nandrolin (by Intervet)

    I would be taking it for 8 weeks @ 200mg/week, with 300-375mg test enathate.

    But more importantly --->(read on)

    Has anyone personally used this fast acting deca ? How ofter would I have to have shots? How did you find it ?

    And how long after a cycle till I could start my clomid?

    In therory would I have to worry less about "Deca dick" and Progesterone Gyno (or more about the gyno) ?

    Help would be GREAT!!


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    BUMP. I have been considering using Nandrolone Phenylpropionate in a cycle, and want some info on it from anyone that might know.

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    I'm using it right now and love it! I've only used deca twice first it was tt 300 for 8 weeks and I did not like it and thought I wasn't a deca guy, now I'm on superanabolon and love it kicked a week, so no waiting 3-4 weeks bull sh*t for regular deca to kick in. i normally don't hold much water with deca, but i'm holding none with durabolin i'm also running proviron with it and I'm up 4 pounds in 2 weeks no water, I think it's way beter then long acting deca.

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