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    help with proviron/ nolvadex

    Currently on cycle of Deca 600mg/wk and Test Enanthate 200/wk.

    6'2" 215lbs. Currenlyon 5th week of 10 week cycle. Began cycle with over 1000mg of Test in first two weeks then shut it down and planned on going exclusively with Deca. Nipples started to get tender at end of 2nd week anyway. However I have doubts about authenticity if the Deca (Ttokyo) I have so after skipping week #3, I got back on the Test. Nipples still tender. Couldnīt find any Nolvadex , but found Proviron 25mg.

    How do I use the Proviron? Should I continue looking for the Nolvadex? I understand the Proviron decreases the water retention of AS, which is undesirable for me since I have a mild shoulder injury that I was hoping the AS would help alleviate. What should I do here?

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    Proviron will stop all further 'excess' estrogen from being converted, but the new estrogen will be left unaffected. I believe someone said here that estrogen leaves receptors after a few hours, and new estrogen replaces it. Proviron will work quickly to stop any other estrogens of getting in the receptor, which SHOULD stop the tenderness in the nips. But , if you can get nolva, get it...and use it in conjunction with prov. In this case, i believe the more the better.

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    like papa said proviron will work to stop any new estrogen from being produced... run it 25mg ED
    keep looking for nolva... this will block the receptor sites for estrogen and get your nips back to normal...

    LESSON: never start cycle w/o protection (nolva)

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