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    Shoulder pain with sust???

    Has anyone ever experienced shoulder pain with sust? Or any other test??? They get so inflamed during my workouts I can't even finish. Between sleeping, and working outthey may never grow... It feels like their is no blood getting or their so engorged with blood that it is cutting off the circulation???
    Big Dog

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    ive had that problem before,especially when i tried to sleep,felt like circulation was being cut off.i had to keep moving my arms around to get the blood flowing,its hard to sleep when you have to keep moving.
    i dont know if its from the sus or if its just that arms are getting so big and tight that it cutting off circulation.

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    is it only on one side or both?

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    It is usually both! But from time to time only one side! I had a spasm in my right shoulder but it is going away... My weight has gone up so fast, that has to be a factor. My shoulder strength has go up from 50lbs dmdll press to 70'ssince last week... I keep plenty of time between chest and shoulder days usually 2 or three...

    bench, decline, flys
    miltry, rears and that's it...

    as soon as i'm done with a set the pump is so full I can't even lift my arms up...


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