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    Question Taste of Test Cyp


    To anyone w/ Cyp experience, can you describe the taste? (I know its an injectable only) I'm trying to decide if mine is legit...

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    Cool It seems we stood and talked like this before . . .

    Hey, 6-3, is this the same stuff you were talking about six weeks ago in the Fake Cyp thread?

    As I recall, the bottom line was that your Steris cyp was a counterfeit (the NDC number didn't exist), but that it might be cyp, although a fake. (See my post on NDC numbers in the above thread - it's fascinating stuff, and provides strong evidence that Steris cyp is bogus.)

    Anyway, I'm sorry to say that there is no way that you can tell whether it's really cyp based on the taste. That's because various manufacturers of oil-based test (both cyp and enanthate ) use different oil bases. Depo-Testosterone , the only legally manufactured cyp in the U.S. (from Upjohn/Pharmacia), uses cottonseed oil; Delatestryl, the only legally manufactured enanthate in the U.S. (from BTG/Bristol-Myers Squibb), uses sesame oil, as does the Canadian version of Delatestryl (made by Theramed). If you have a Mexican product, especially one compounded by a local farmacia, who knows what oil base they might be using?

    I hate to say this, guys, but trying to identify cyp from its taste is like all the movie scenes where you see the cop or the dealer lick his finger to wet it, stick it in a bag of smack/coke/E/whatever, and taste it - that's a riff for the movie audience, and there is no way that you can identify any drug merely by taste; it takes a lab to make an accurate identification.
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    You are tasting it to see if it is real? Ummmmm....

    Dude, inject the shit, if it is real u'll get bigger if it isn't you wont. It's not like you can return it if its fake!

    But, I guess I can't give you too much shit. I am a paranoid fucker myself!

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